23 April 2015

Micro Armor

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so I stayed out of work. With a bunch of free time, I took the opportunity to put some models on the tabletop and try out some rules. I game GHQ's Modern Micro Armor a quick run through its paces. Its a free download on ghqmodels.com . Since I've got some WW2 minis on the way, with the intention of using GHQ's WW2 Micro Armor game, I thought a bit of familiarity was in order. The WW2 and Modern games are very similar, mechanically.

I pulled ten Soviet T-55s and ten FRG M48s out of the collection, set up a 48 x 24 battlefield and began throwing dice. The play order is a bit different, in that shooting is done before movement, but that certainly helps differentiate it from most games these days. I rather liked the flow, once my mind adjusted. It pays to be cautious for sure!

Since it was just a solo rules run, I wasn't in the usual picture-taking mode.

In the end, the West Germans lost - they were being routed early on, losing five stands in short order. They got a flurry of kills late, to tie things up, but the game ended when the sixth M48 stand was eliminated. It was a nice little distraction for the morning and I'm looking forward to playing with this system more.

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