29 April 2015

Mid Week Update

This started out as a Dystopian Wars AAR but after a few days, the novelty was wearing off so I've decided to can it. Zig and I DID play a 1000-pointer Saturday, Brits and French, in the water. Zig put a lot of submarines on the table and I fielded a pretty standard mix of things.

The table setup. We had a lot more terrain than is usual for us. The reefs made a re-appearance, as did the adorable little lighthouses that came with the Eclipse Co. set.

Traffic management was a thing for me. I used a lot of mines early in the game to irritate the British subs.

Zig had typical bouts of terrible luck.

One of his freshly painted subs. Of course, it was the first to die. It's a tradition with our games that the most recently painted thing must die first.

In the end, we fought to a miserable draw. I caused more damage but neither of us could complete our missions. It was a fun game regardless of the outcome.

In other news, my Blazing Sun fleet for Dystopian Wars is in drydock. I decided I was not happy with their colors and painting style so they're being re-done. Here are some shots of the progress:

Original colors. It looks OK, but it is chunky and un-imaginative. They aren't eye-catching.

Into the dip! That's Pine Sol. 

After some tooth-brushing I hit them with some lovely dark orange spray paint.

At this point ALL of the surface ships have been stripped and blasted orange. The planking on the carrier was a real mother...

 On Sunday, a group of us met at Morningstar for some X-Wing. I had not played in a while and also convinced Junior to join us! I picked up the "Scum and Villainy" box when we got there and we played a very solid 3-sided game. Each side was 100 points and it was every faction for itself. The Rebels were led by David and Mike. The kids, Christian 2 and Anson took control of the Empire's ships. I slapped together a group of Scum and we duked it out among the asteroids.

Some serious bumper-ships early in the proceedings.

The game went along very well especially considering it was a three-sided game which usually devolve into a 2v1 gang-up. There was a fair amount of "pick on the nastiest ship" so the TIE Defender, E-Wing and Wedge Antilles got an inordinate amount of attention. My Firespray got picked on early, but due to some crap maneuvering it was out of the action for a few turns while the other ships fought it out. Everyone involved had a good time and I really like the S&V guys. Its surprising that they've kept the game fresh this long after its release.

Be well and good gaming!

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