22 April 2015

Recently Painted

I indulged a few weeks ago and picked up the Dystopian Wars Eclipse Company Support box set. I've had my eye on the models for a while because, frankly, they are dead gorgeous. I'm not quite as taken with their aerial units in their battle box, but the tiny boats, subs and especially the undersea bases are just my cup of tea. I did up a few units to test my color scheme and painting method and am quite happy with the results so far.

 The group thusfar

Atlas assault boats

An Oceanus Bomber

Stingray mini subs

Submarine hangar

Everything in the box is just perfect, the bases, the little boats and subs, the bombers. If you can't tell, I'm stoked. Once the rest are done, I'll certainly be posting pictures and give them some game time.

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