02 April 2015

This evening's work...

I haven't had much time to paint this week - it's been busy in the Ski household. Tonight I got some brush-time in. I finished off a batch of MCC militia and the President's Air Force attack helicopter for AK47 Republic and slapped a base color coat on the Farmy for HOTT.

26 Shlubs and a Little Bird. No two Shlubs are alike! I suck at windows, thus the helicopter's windows are a bit wonky.

The Farmy so far. 
A goat                                    Blades
two stands of sheep                Knights
a donkey                           Cleric (general)
a dog                                   Paladin
a cow                                Behemoth
two stands of ducks          Lurkers or Water Lurkers
five stands of chickens                    Hordes

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