24 July 2021

Cheap Scenery + Vacationing

Back from vacation!

I ended up with three identical small coffee cans recently and managed to hang on to them. As we all know, having many identical things is a real boon in the miniatures wargaming world. I did what everyone does with this sort of of kitchen leftover - chemical tanks! Some quick and easy painting, graffiti decals and Plastruct ladders and job's done!

With a couple 28mm guys for a sense of scale

 Useful and easy. I've got a fourth in the works now, a bit shorter but similar diameter. I think Z and I may play X-Wing later. We were going to game with Wayne but he's fighting through the Indian / Delta-variant right now. He's doing OK and tends to be a healthy guy so we expect a full recovery.

In case you're curious, I took the family up to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee during the week. We had a good time whitewater rafting, zip lining, escape rooming, and otherwise having a grand time. A few vacay pics just because...

On the Pigeon River. Family + my sister and our guide in the back there.

The always welcome vacation pre-10:00am beer!

Geared up for the zipline. My spawn strike their most excited poses.

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  1. Vaca looks fun. Great job on coffee cans. Every time I make chili (5 cans) I start thinking the same way.