25 July 2021

Islands in the Stream

After the last game of Armada, I began making some better looking islands for my sea-themed games. A trip to Michaels craft store also provided a bit of inspiration.

 Step 1... some DAS modeling clay on cheap wooden oval plates. 


Step 2.... Liquidex modeling compound waves. By far the worst part.

Step 3.... some ultra fine sand carpenter's glued to parts of the islands. The best sand I've found is at the pet store and is intended for sand-loving lizards.

Step 4... slop and go el cheapo paints after a black primer coat.

Step 5...two layers of highlights on the waves, light blue then white. Some drybrushing on the islands as well.

Step 6... finished drybrushing. Added some OD flock here and there for a bit more visual interest.

Step 7... Gloss up the waves and try to ease up the gloss level on the islands proper. Job's done!

With a couple of DW ships and an Armada ship.

They're not massive but they're a very pretty upgrade from my other islands. I might do at least one more much larger one. It can't be any more difficult than these four. Be well!


  1. Effective, good addition for any naval based game.

  2. Ski those look awesome! Very inspiring and timely for me, as I'm looking to start up some age of sail games soon. Well done sir!